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Best Sniper Class for Call of Duty Warzone 2,0 and DMZ

The meta-breaking "one-shot" sniper is availble in the new Battle Pass for Season 1 of Warzone 2,0!

With the arrival of Season One, there was only one sniper that can one-shot a triple-plated enemy in Warzone 2,0 — the Victus XMR. Though the latest patch nerfed this, it's still extremely powerful. You can only unlock this gun via the new Battle Pass, which should take about 15 hours.

You need over 25 tokens to unlock this weapon for free on sector A7. Purchase these via the COD Store to expedite progression of the Battle Pass if you wish. The Victus XMR remains the best sniper rifle in warzone.

Grinding on Shoothouse 24/7 (available for a limited time) with a Double Weapon XP Token speeds up acquiring attachments needed to maximize the weapon’s potential. Getting quick kills down the middle lane of Shoothouse is almost a guranteed kill everytime. When you reach level 28, unlocking every attachment and the new tuning feature is unlocked.

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Best Warzone 2,0 Sniper Attachments

Sniper attachments Warzone 2.0.

Here are the best sniping attachments for the Victus XMR in Call of Duty: Warzone 2,0:

BARREL: MACK 8 33,5 SUPER Extended length for increased damage and distance.

SCOPE: SP-X 80 6.6X Variable zoom for quick adjustments without sacrificing range or mobility.

LASER: ESF SOLARFLARE Easily identify enemy nametags when they’ve used utility, far range.

STOCK: FTAC HOMELAND Increased accuracy with a small ding to mobility.

REAR GRIP: BRUEN G305 GRIP Handling increase.


Sniper Warzone 2.0 tuning.

Unique to Modern Warfare II, the new tuning feature allows max level weapons to be altered even futher. Tuning unlocks a X and Y variable slider to adjust the attachment between its listed pros and cons.Personally, at some point I can’t even notice a difference until the variable is cranked to the maximum/minimum.Upon further tinkering, I only noticed one attachment that benefited more with the tuning feature. Here’s my recommendations for tuning just the Optic (P-X 80 6.6X);

X = -0,25 in (towards far) Y = -2,00 oz (towards ADS)

As Season 1 rolls out, we’ll see some more changes to the tuning feature and available blueprints. I’d recommend finding what works best for you while experimenting in multiplayer matches, outside of higher stake Warzone matches. While the meta is here, grind away on the Victus XMR.

Despite the patch nerfing the "one-shot kill" rifle, it still appears as the most used sniper rifle in the game for a reason.

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