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Everything You Need to Know About Exoprimal's Live Service Support

Let's dive into the upcoming content of the multiplayer action game from Capcom!

Right on the heels of Exoprimal’s July launch, we’ve already seen quite a few announcements around endgame updates and player progression. With service in full swing, let’s dive into what you can expect from planned support.

Launch Content

Release day marked the start of Season 1, which boasts an array of suits, settings, and scenarios randomized by the rogue AI, Leviathan, making each round of Dino Survival different from the last.


So far, launch content includes:

  • 10 Base Exosuits split into Assault, Tank, and Support roles (Deadeye, Zephyr, Barrage, Vigilant, Roadblock, Krieger, Murasame, Witchdoctor, Skywave, and Nimbus)
  • 6 Rigs (Cannon, Aid, Catapult, Shield, Blade, Drill Fist)
  • 6 Maps (Downtown, Airport, Ruins, Dam, Space Elevator, Volcanic Base)
  • 5 PvE Missions (Dinosaur Cull, Area Defense, VTOL Defense, Escort, Vortexer Sabotage, Neo T. Rex Subjugation)
  • 5 PvEvP Missions (Data Key Security, Uplink Control, Energy Taker, Omega Charge)

Exoprimal is designed to gradually expand as the story unfolds, which means you’ll gain access to more exosuits, rigs, maps, tougher missions, and new enemies as you uncover the mysteries of Bikitoa Island.

Level Progression

Exoprimal level progression

Matches will reward you EXP for your overall player level, Suit EXP for each exosuit used in battle, and EXP for the Survival Pass. Increasing these levels rewards you with cosmetics, in-game currency called BikCoin, and modules that slightly alter suit performance for highly customizable playstyles.


Seasonal roadmap

Each season in the game is set to run for three months, with Season 1 already underway and playable until October 11th. The Survival Pass will also change with each season, and that season’s Premium Tier will offer additional cosmetic rewards. Outside of the Survival Pass, the following seasonal content that has been revealed includes:

Season 1

  • Savage Gauntlet – A new five-player PvE endgame mode with more challenging battles
  • Alpha Suit Variants – Exosuit variants equipped with different weapons and that allow for new playstyles

Season 2

  • Street Fighter Collaboration
  • Title Update 2 – New rigs and modules, a new map, and a new final mission

Season 3

  • Monster Hunter Collaboration
  • Title Update 3 –Beta variant exosuits and the Neo Triceratops

Exoprimal Steam

Exoprimal Steam

Get Exoprimal on Steam today!

Exoprimal Roles


Assault exosuits focus on dealing damage to enemies with close, medium, or long-range attacks. Although exact loadouts differ, each assault exosuit is equipped with weapons and abilities tailored to its effective combat range.

Use the best weapon for the situation and eradicate whatever stands in your way.


Tank exosuits specialize in protecting their allies by drawing enemy attacks and absorbing damage.

Whether they're holding back a massive horde or stopping relentless dinosaur attacks, tank exosuits will form your team's first line of defense.


Support exosuits use a variety of abilities to ensure the team's survival.

While the ability to repair allied exosuits is most common, support exosuits are also equipped with a range of buffing and debuffing abilities. Support exosuits use these abilities to improve a team's combat effectiveness and accomplish objectives even faster.

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