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The Flick Shot: Technique, Tutorial & Training

Flick shots are the trademark skill of high-level gameplay in FPS titles. Let's learn a bit about various kinds and how you can start practicing this technique to pull off satisfying shots.

Executing an accurate and swift flick shot is extremely satisfying, and obviously, very effective with a sniper rifle. It takes a combination of skill, reflexes, focus, and aim to be able to pull them off. Some of the best players can pull them off consistently.

But just because they do it, doesn't mean that you can't. In fact, most people won't, because they'll stop before the first step: trying and practicing.

Flick shots are particularly crucial in CS:GO and Valorant, but obviously apply to so many other games as well.

Let's delve into the art of the flick shot and explore various advanced techniques and training methods to elevate your mouse control and give you an edge against the competition.

Before we talk about various types of flick shots, here is a big, sort of "emotional" tip (which can be just as important as technique!" Approach flick shots with deliberation, with intent behind every shot. You know that you will get a lot less accuracy if you queue up your shots before the weapon is really ready, since the weapon is going to have recoil.

Have intention behind every shot, and that will improve your accuracy. Acknowledge your crosshair position, then flick and click. Try not to auto-pilot at all. Focus on your target, absorb their visual cues. It will almost feel like the target could be moving in slow motion.

Advanced Techniques for Flick Shots

Cod sniping flick shot

Dead Stop Flicks

This is a great technique and an excellent way to land flick shots. This involves flicking to your target, clicking, then not moving your aim until your next flick. Even if you slightly move your crosshair, the idea is to keep yourself relatively still. This helps in two ways: you get a good visual on your current crosshair position, which lets you prepare and gauge for the next one. Secondly, there is a certain isolation of your muscle when performing. Performing a flick while you are currently tracking makes your crosshair position uncertain and forces your already engaged muscles to change what they're doing on the fly.

Great for targets that don't move too quickly or too unpredictably.

Rebound Flicks

Similar to dead stop, but after the click, you move your crosshair away from the target to a reset point, consistently. This helps combat visual clutter a bit, giving you a better picture of your crosshair position once again. You can also see if you're better at flicking from a particular side and stick to it. Remember to try to land at a consistent reset point that isn't too far away, and to train good repetition of the movement.

Best for those at a more advanced level with great mouse control, who can pull of deliberate shots and focus very well.

Overwatch flick shot

Planted Flicks

These are pretty similar to dead stop as well, but they involve you standing still instead of doing it while moving your character. By no longer moving at least laterally, you will have complete control over your crosshair placement.

Stopping movement can be risky but if you have to land your next shot it just be might be what you need to win.

Two-step Flicks

First, acquire the target and perform a flick close to it, then do a second, smaller and easier flick onto the target. You need to add your reaction time after the first flick to see where it landed.

This is useful particularly for sniper rifles.

If you see yourself wasting ammo and time while at long range, this might be the one to try.

How Movement Affects Flick Shots

Cod weapon loadout

Your movement in FPS games is critical for avoiding damage. However, it's essential to avoid flick shooting while changing directions since the swift shift of your crosshair can compromise your shot's accuracy. Ideally, flick shots should be executed during or at the end of a strafe, where your crosshair is most stable.

Training Your Flick Shot Aim

Training your flick shot skills in-game can be a slow process given the sporadic nature of these shots. Using 3D Aim Trainer can speed up your progress by offering continuous and focused training opportunities. So, why wait? Hop onto the flicking aim training academy and start honing your flick shots today!

Remember, patience and consistency are key when mastering the art of the flick shot. With these advanced techniques and continuous training, you'll soon be flicking and shooting with increased precision and confidence.

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