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How to Cure All Ailments in Rune Factory 5

How to remove all the potential ailments your character could suffer in Rune Factory 5.

Rune Factory 5 is a nuanced farm simulation and RPG that throws plenty at the player. Not only do you have to worry about growing crops, taking care of animals, and finding the love of your life, but you also have to deal with a variety of ailments that can strike at any time.

Just like other, more traditional games in the genre, there are a variety of afflictions that can negatively affect your character. When you're dealing with poison or even a cold, you'll have to make sure to heal yourself quickly, lest you become unable to battle or take on the chores necessary to advance throughout the game.

It's not always easy to figure out what you need to do to heal yourself, however. You won't always have the supplies you need to cure yourself, and you may not be able to complete the needed actions to get back to full health right away. On top of that, the game doesn't hold your hand when it comes to what you need to know to stay in good health.

That's why we're here. We’ve got the lowdown on each ailment and how to get rid of it, fast, so you can get back to what’s important: farm life! Here's everything you need to know about each status ailment in Rune Factory 5 and how to cure them.


Moving sluggishly in battle could lead to death.

Paralysis will slow down your character considerably, but they'll still be able to move. Unfortunately, if you find yourself locked in combat, this leaves you something of a sitting duck. You can't be left almost completely immobile in the middle of a skirmish, so it's important that you cure paralysis as soon as possible. If you find that it's been inflicted by Spiders, Hornets, or Mushrooms, you'll want to use a Para-Gone item right away to cure yourself. You can purchase these items from the Rigbarth Clinic for 900G, and you can also find them in treasure chests dotting the starting areas of the game. You can also receive Para-Gone cures from townsfolk by completing various requests.


Poison will continually sap your strength.

Poison is one of the more frustrating ailments you'll deal with in Rune Factory 5, as it inflicts damage over time. Not only can enemies like Mushrooms, Hornets, and Spiders poison you, but you can also poison yourself if you consume an item that you shouldn't. These include Failed Dishes, Withered Grass, and Mysterious Mushrooms. However you become poisoned, you can cure the Poison status by consuming Antidote Potions or Antidote Grass. You can purchase Antidote Potions or pick up Antidote Grass all across Norad, near your player's home, and right around earlier battles at the start of the game. Don't walk around poisoned, or you'll soon find that your character has fallen.


Fatigue can take you out of the game quickly.

Resting is just as important in Rune Factory 5 as it is in real life. Fatigued characters can't go on forever. They'll eventually collapse. If you don't let them rest, they'll be taken to Rigbarth Clinic, where they can be revived by way of a tidy sum of gold. Avoid the need for expensive clinic bills by "curing" Fatigue when it sets in. Head to the Blue Moon Inn's hot springs or go to bed early, by 11PM if possible. Use Toyherb flowers to cure fatigue by searching outside the flower shop with Foresight Crest equipped. There are plenty of ways to cure Fatigue once it sets in, but preventing it is easy. Get more sleep.


Seal can leave characters defenseless.

If your character is suffering from Seal, that means they've been effectively silenced, a similar ailment in other RPGs. They'll no longer be able to use Spells, Rune Abilities, or Specials. Again, Mushrooms, Spiders, and Hornets can inflict this status, as well as certain foods, so watch out and stay vigilant. Suffering from the Seal ailment can be especially dangerous. If you do happen to deal with it, you can use Roundoff, a medicine you can purchase at the Rigbarth Clinic for 800G. You'll also receive Roundoffs as battle treasure chest drops, and for completing requests for townspeople.


A cure for the common cold.

Believe it or not, you can actually catch a cold in Rune Factory 5. If you're unlucky enough to do so, your RP will continue to deplete over time. Like Fatigue, you'll catch a cold if you go too long without getting some good sleep. You can also catch a cold by eating the wrong foods, like a Mystery Mushroom. Luckily, a Cold is simple enough to cure, unlike in real life. Just pony up for the Cold Medicine at the Rigbarth Clinic for 1,000G. You can also purchase rice from Serendipity, kitchen items from Studio Palmo, and cook some Rice Porridge for a cure if you're so inclined.

Now that you're all healthy again, get out there and get to farming! Those crops aren't going to harvest themselves.

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